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Non-Surgical Clinic of the Twin Cities is Minnesota’s leading authority in non-invasive, cosmetic enhancement and body contouring. All therapies and procedures are performed by our licensed medical staff, therapists and certified laser technicians all who have extensive training and years of experience in this field.

What Makes Us Different

At Non-Surgical Clinic of the Twin Cities, our experience has taught us that non-invasive body contouring is as much an art as it is a science. Additionally, we hold to the fact that every body is completely unique. Therefore, while one’s body transformation goals may be somewhat typical at times, how to attain them is certainly not. Our team of highly skilled and trained medical staff specializes only in body contouring, and provide the experience, education and focused attention to achieve amazing results.

With over 50,000 Verju and Zerona procedures performed to date we are the Twin Cities ONLY independently owned leader in non-invasive sculpting procedures and techniques. This mastery translates into incredible results that we believe set us in a category all to our own, providing unparalleled results for the body you have always been working towards.  WE ARE PROUD TO BE THE FIRST CLINIC INTHE NATION TO HAVE THE FIRST MODEL OF THE VERJU LASER!  We have doctors from all over the country come train at our facility because we are the premier leader in this field of study.   

Our approach is as unique and different as every patient we treat. We apply functional medicine to each patient's individual protocol. Our approach allows the patients to understand the level of their body's function and most importantly why they have the physical appearance they do. We also identify and address the key factors contributing to their appearance.From there, we apply the treatments. This approach is so unique and different we are the only clinic in the Twin Cities metro that can not only achieve your body image goals but MAINTAIN them as well...

Body Contouring

Non Surgical Clinic of the Twin Cities

Where a Healthy Body Is Just the Beginning!. 

Non Surgical Clinic of the Twin Cities specializing in Verju and Zerona lasers which are FDA approved, non-invasive cold laser therapy for body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, inch reduction, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and soft tissue healing.

Whether you need post-operative rehab, body contouring, breast lift or reduction, chin/neck fat reduction, cellulite reduction/skin tightening or you simply want a tailored weight loss plan; Non-Surgical Clinic of the Twin Cities is just for you!